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PODCAST #24 Hopi Grandmother Pershlie Ami

PODCAST #24 Hopi Grandmother Pershlie Ami

November 5, 2021
Hopi Grandmother Pershlie Ami
I am Dawa Mana, born to the earth through my mother - Sand Clan. Protected by the sun, my father - Sun Forehead Clan, Nourished and guided by Corn and Water clan with my husband.
I am a Hopi-Tewa woman who possesses power of peace and balance. My creators the Sand, Sun, Water and Corn have given me the mission to bring happiness to the universe.  
I pray for the opportunity to guide, I pray for the opportunity to be of service, I pray for the opportunity to heal. I am constantly grateful for my life and my family, I am grateful for my challenges that give me strength.  

My mind and heart are open to receive new ideas and new ways to bring peace to the universe.  

I am grateful to be Hopi, People of Peace. 
Eskwali, Perci. 
Hopi Prophecy “When the Grandmothers speak, the world will begin to heal.”  
With the touch of their ageless hands, Grandmother says “everything will be okay.” Grandfather heartily agrees. Grandmother Perci is a wisdom gatherer/sharer and protector of ancient wisdom. She is also the grandmother who is dedicated to healing hearts, minds and spirits of those who are experiencing pain. 
Grandmother tells us that our younger generation think about  ending their lives and the older generation wish to continue theirs. 

Her passion is to get them together. She talks about how the kids today have limited knowledge whereas the elders have learned how to pray, to connect to Creator and to access the seeds of hope within their hearts. 

These seeds of Life have been nurtured and prayed over throughout all the lifetimes of all the Grandmothers and Grandfathers. 

And they want more than anything to honor their grandchildren. 

Praying together, teaching them how to pray and reassuring them, “I do care about you - I will listen to you!”  

This is Love and Truth in one village, listening to one another with open hearts and minds, trusting the ancient messages of corn, of water, of sacred ceremony and prayers to Creator.  

This was also the spiritual calling that Grandmother Perci knew at the age of twelve.  

She wanted to become a grandmother and share the Legacy of Truth and Love with every village, every tribe, every human being. 

Educating those who are eager to learn, guiding those who have taken the wrong road and reminding those who forgot the message, Grandmother shares her incredible life, her stories and her prayers for Hopi Mother Earth. 

Grandmother Perci has one last prayer to share with us “As long as you do good, our children and elders will stop hurting, the whole world will stop hurting.” 
Let us protect our home, our earth, our true nature of our divine human seed. Let us plant our peace, grow together and harvest our love for all humanity. 
Thank you to Creator and thank you for Grandmother Perci! 
With Grace, Colleen 
Grandmother wrote this following prayer for the conference at the virtual Parliament of World Religions - Oct. 16-18th, 2021 


“I pray for the day that I won’t let fear be my master. 

When fear whispers in my ear and says - “you’re not strong enough, I will shout back, You just watch me!” 

When fear tells me they won’t listen to you or accept your words, I will quietly say, “I will continue to teach, share and listen.” 

When fear says you will experience great pain and grief and you will hurt, I will stand and say, “I will trust that Creator has a plan. I will let pain and grief - guide me.” 

I know that you’re around “fear” but you’re not my master.  

My master is Faith and Love. 

With Faith and Love, I will stand in my power and purpose. 

When fear says they will make fun of you, they will find fault in you, they will disagree with you, I will stay silent and listen. I will know I have nothing to prove. 
I know what is in my heart and I know that I must continue to practice love, compassion and joy. 

I pray that I will always walk with truth and integrity.”  

Grandmother’s e-mail -  
Touch the Water  - a film by Travis Holt Hamilton 
Corn Dance Music 2018 at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. 
PODCAST #23  “Finding The Missing Peace”

PODCAST #23  “Finding The Missing Peace”

May 17, 2021

PODCAST #23  “Finding The Missing Peace” 
A Healing Journey to Wholeness by Chris-Duffy Wentzel 

A Cherokee morning blessing - “We n’ de ya ho”
“I am of the Great Spirit”
Happy Mother’s Day! 
To our beautiful Mother Earth, guardian and protector of her great spirit for all life, we wish to honor you this day and everyday that we are born here.

For she is our own adopted mother earth who allows us to journey upon, to live and breathe the mystery of her heartbeat and her love.

And this is exactly what Chris Duffy-Wentzel has done with her true story - “Finding the Missing Peace.” 

The love and compassion and respect that you will find here, transcends all religions, cultures and languages. It will invite you to honor your own journey and walk your own unique path.
Beginning with her mystery birth, her adoption and trying to piece together the secrets of her unknown birth family, it will take great courage and acts of faith to move mountains and the adoption agency out of her way, so that she may discover her true identity.

And yet, the secrets remain trapped inside the sealed adoption records. Even with the diagnosis of cancer and in desperate need of her family medical history, the adoption agency is unmoved and unwavering. 

She must find a way to heal this mystery and now the cancer. She will need to know who and where and how she came to be, if she is to survive and thrive and become that love that she knows herself to be.

Chris and her husband Dave journey to India to volunteer for a medical Eye Camp called Netrapakash which means, “Light of the Eye.”

Through that huge loving experience working alongside hundreds of volunteers and doctors from all over the world, Chris begins to see herself with new eyes as thousands of people walk into that camp every day to be treated.
Discovering peace in the center of all that chaos, she learns to give up control and focus on oneness. 

For everyone there, doctor, patient and volunteer, is on a healing journey to “see” both with physical eyes and that of the heart.

As Chris continues to journey inward, practicing inner peace and acceptance, a whole new world opens up. 

Divine Mother starts to whisper other messages of healing through unconventional methods for both the cancer and her adoption puzzle.

Listening to this inner guidance and trusting herself more, Chris gathers all the pieces of her mystery and becomes her own “adoption detective.” 

Thank you Chris for writing this wonderful exciting book and for taking me on one of the best journeys that I’ve been on lately!
It touched my heart and soul and gave me a sense of wonder of what my own life would have been like, not knowing who my birth mother was, or my father.

Your story, your life, your love and your path.

We thank you for it - every breath of it. 
Chris Duffy-Wentzel specializes in creating self-healing wellness journeys. A certified surgery preparation and personal development coach, Chris partners with individuals creating a unique path to wholeness in her private practice and mine-body-spirit retreats in the beautiful Sedona area.
PODCAST #22 Blessings from the Heart & The Ancestors

PODCAST #22 Blessings from the Heart & The Ancestors

February 11, 2021
Happy Valentines Day with June Rettinger de Arballo and Colleen from Sedona, Arizona.
This Month of February is dedicated to the blessings of the Heart, to the very soul of our lives. 
At this time of struggle for our breath of life, we need the prayers and blessings of our ancestors more than ever. Everything we think, do and say, leaves an imprint on the heart somewhere. That is why we need prayers, songs and blessings.
June tells us that, “A blessing can change your life! Ancestors are real. We have a direct link to them because they have walked this earth, living and breathing the four elements of earth, wind, water and fire. They are supporting us all the time, even the unborn.”
June’s own ancestry is Apache, Spanish, Mexican, and German. She is a dual citizen of the United States and Mexico and follows her spiritual practice from her mother’s heritage of Apache and Mexican. 
She comes from a family of seers where it was perfectly normal to sit around the kitchen table and talk about spirits, dreams and visitations. 
Her life has been dedicated to the use of her gifts as a psychic/medium, offering readings, clearings, ceremonies and blessings as well as group experiences. She carries a special permit to perform these ceremonies on the red rocks of Sedona.
June is also a licensed massage therapist since 1979 specializing in medium to deep tissue massage and cupping.
Through all of these gifts of meaningful things, her own indigenous prayer songs, love for the ancestors, the earth and humanity, she opens the vortex of the heart and hands!
June can read the top of your hands, even from just a photo, which shows the story of your life.
“Hands tell everything June declares. In fact, your hands change as you change. I’ve had hands change right in front of me.”
She explains that when you look at couple’s hands together, it tells how they are with each other and what they need from each other. “The Left hand tells how you came into the world and the Right hand is how you are operating, regardless of whether you are right-handed or left-handed or have had an injury.”
“The bottom part of the hand has to do with your relationship to love, other relationships and sometimes where you came from, difficult places. When you gather the information of your life and sort it out, the lessons, giving back to whoever and whatever, you are then able to take the medicine of the things that you have learned and move forward.”
Over many years she has also worked closely with Indigenous Elders from around the world including the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers to bring their messages to our communities.
We thank you June Arballo for your gifts of meaningful things, your ancestral blessings and your heart of love.
Meaningful Things of Sedona
Circle of Sacred Sisterhood
Sedona Chamber of Commerce, SMSA - Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects
International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers
Ellen Goldberg (Tarot & Hand Readings)
Web of Life Animists Church in Tucson - (Animism- A process that encourages the individual to perceive themselves as an equal in the web of life, and as a contributor to a sustainable lifestyle).
Apache Song - “Tatanka”
PODCAST #21 We Are the Miracle Workers. Part 2

PODCAST #21 We Are the Miracle Workers. Part 2

January 10, 2021

We Are the Miracle Workers. Part 2 Sound Healing with Sharon Holleran
The miracle of Sound Healing


How Sharon healed her crippling back pain through the vibration of crystal singing bowls. In 2012, unable to walk, she was brought to an old church in Pasadena, CA called the “Church of Truth.” *

What happened to Sharon was a miracle and yet she had complete trust in the hope and possibility that it would work. The sound of the bowls triggered that memory of self-healing and halfway through the sound bath, she felt “all this crackling of energy and blood flowing down my legs.”

After about six months of using this healing power of sound, Sharon was completely healed. She could go hiking again and do anything she wanted to do.

We can do that now. We must do that now. For this is the only real, natural, free energy left to us to practice.

Throughout this podcast, Sharon also shares some remarkable experiences on her healing journey, her encounters with other off-world realities and her own blood type which makes up only one percent of the human population.

Is she a “real human?” Yes! Has she suffered and gone through much pain? Oh yes.

But, her laughter and song override the discord and disharmony of negativity and untruths because she has learned how. She practices with her sound healing bowls and loves to energize and share her healing gifts with others.

Recently, Sharon and I were talking about our family backgrounds and discovered that we both came from loud, creative, and expressive family dynamics where we could explore our talents and needs and freely protest if we wanted to! 

And not only that, but our very spirited fathers shared the same nickname which was, “Happy Jack!”  What are the odds of that?

We also understand what is at stake here and that we are in danger of losing our very voices and soul power, our memories of self-healing through divine intervention.

Ask for it. Keep asking and believing. Charge up your brain power, your heart & soul power and make 
a joyful noise.


*From The Church of Truth, Pasadena, CA.

Our Center for Awakening Consciousness teaches that there is a power within us greater than anything that happens to us, and that by understanding and applying the principles of this power we can establish ourselves in health, harmony and abundance. Our founder, Dr. Albert Grier said: "Truth ... goes to the one source of authority - the soul of man - where God has put power and says: Trust thyself." Our belief is "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." Dr. Grier's vision was to "found a church from which man, no matter how far he advances, no matter what vision shall be granted him, will never have to depart in order to follow his highest, to answer the call of his soul. "Through meditation, contemplation and conscious living we open ourselves to the direct and personal experience of God. Statement of Being "I am Spirit, I think, see, feel and live as Spirit in the presence of God, and through the power of God in me am able to manifest the perfection of Spirit in mind and body."



Podcast # 20 We are the miracle workers!

Podcast # 20 We are the miracle workers!

December 31, 2020
Through divine intervention and our own heartbeat, we ourselves become the strongest antidote to all the fear and ambivalence that we find in our world today.

We are the embodiment of Creation!
We need to reclaim our voice, our laughter and our song.
Come on a healing journey with me through the heartbeat of the drum and let us together close this year 2020 and turn our thoughts to a greater vision of our true selves and the true power of what we can accomplish through divine intervention.

This meditation, this “Light scan” of our body will help you to seek and find and help to destroy anything that is making you ill.
Through your own memory and connection to God, to the True Source of Creation, it is time to take our power back and heal ourselves. 
Let us use our gifts our creativity and our faith to exercise that power of our own birthright.
“Little White Buffalo”
Podcast #19 “A Christmas Letter”

Podcast #19 “A Christmas Letter”

December 24, 2020

Podcast #19 “ A Christmas Letter”
From The Academy For Future Science with Drs. JJ & Desiree Hurtak and Mystic Grace in Sedona, Arizona

“A Happy Christmas to you!
For the Prince of Peace is come,
And his reign is full of blessings,
Their very crown and sum.
No earthly calm can ever last,
Tis but the lull before the blast;
But His great Peace shall still increase
In mighty, all-rejoicing sway: His kingdom in thy heart can never pass away.” 

Just this week during Winter Solstice, we see a new light in our earthly skies as Jupiter and Saturn once again conjunct after 800 years. We find ourselves in auspicious awe at the sight of it and we call it “The Christmas Star.”

Is it a good sign? A warning? It comes at the end of the most challenging year of 2020 as we humans, we shepherds of our beautiful planet have been stopped in our tracks just like some of the shepherds were two thousand years ago.

As we listen to the ancient melody of “The First Nowell” (Noel), written in 1833, What was the first angelic word that the startled shepherds heard?  

It was - “Fear not!”

Beloved, it comes to you as a Christmas message most sweet and true; as true for you as it was for them in the lonely fields of Bethlehem; and as sweet to-day as it was that night, when the glory dazzled their mortal sight.”*

Just as it did to Dr. JJ Hurtak 48 years ago when he called upon the Divine Father to know more of the meaning of his life here.

As a young scholar and professor, Dr. Hurtak wanted God to fill in some of the missing pieces. Lo and Behold, through the Grace of God and in direct answer to his humble prayers, Dr. Hurtak was enveloped in a superluminal Light and taken up into the heavens. He was shown the meaning of his divine path and given great gifts of science and teachings of wisdom and love.

For the purpose of his life and that of beloved earths’ humanity and its future, a sacred scroll of 64 Keys of Enoch® would be encoded unto him to bring back to Earth.

Since that time of the original publication of “The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®” in 1973, This good shepherd along with his wife, Dr. Desire Hurtak founded The Academy For Future Science.

Together they have built a future highway to the stars and beyond. This super highway is known throughout the world and has been well traveled for almost half a century.

Dr. Desiree explains that “If we are indeed the shepherds … we must get our consciousness off of this earth-bound reality.  

“We are in a spiritual resonance, experiencing other worlds, other realities. Many people, especially the youth, are experiencing apparitions and afterlife in dreams and visions. We here at the Academy can bring scientific insights to that for eternal life.”

Dr. JJ tells us, we can be like “eternal Christmas trees with all of its branches reaching out to all the galaxies and worlds beyond which we are just beginning to understand now as cosmic citizens.”

Dr. Desiree continues to explain that Christ’s ability to go beyond the physical realm into a Light Body is part of a consciousness linkage, which is our own reality, a deeper interconnection.

The Christmas story is about the divine becoming human. The real story of Christ’s birth is about His ascension, about His coming to this earth plane and returning to give us all that deeper connection, that information of love and healing including other aspects of the holy spirit, the higher feminine voicing and expressions.”

Dr. JJ adds: “Part of our work on this earth is to share our gifts with one another because we have come from a divine family and we also, will return. The human can be raised to become divine, like a diamond vehicle, a blessed vehicle. The divine family is teaching us the story of Adam and Eve all over again.” Dr. Hurtak describes The Christmas Letter as an “open-ended letter” in which God gives to us and then it is up to each one of us to understand it. To believe whole-heartedly that through God’s divine grace, we belong to this divine-human family.

I ask about the tremendous uncertainty of what we humans will see as the final curtain rises, so to speak. Along with our incomprehensible fear of death, and our future with Artificial Intelligence, what in God’s name will we encounter? A spaceship or the face of God?!  

“We would see the divine in action according to our level of commitment to the divine process,” Dr. Hurtak declares. “The miracles and the power of the Divine Mind is working in ways that are unbelievable now. This is the greatest time to be alive! Through the holy names of God, we have been given a formula to open up space and time as never before, to take the upper paths through the veil of tears. In searching for deeper answers, we become the good and faithful servant. As we open those doors to space and time for contact with other worlds, we will see the second coming of Christ and the second coming of Science.

“We must turn away from the vulgarism and materialism of the media and turn to the names of God. The Keys of Enoch® tell us that this is the time, the age of the Holy Spirit and the age of miracles to come together.”

As we close this Christmas podcast with a blessing from Drs. Hurtak, I want to wish you all a blessed holiday. May the Divine Light keep you bright and may you follow that Christmas Star to the birth of who you truly are.

Love, Colleen and The Academy

*Songs of Christmas by Frances Ridley Havergal published 1884 in New York - One Hundred and Thirty Six years ago



Soul Graduation, University Without Walls Mystic Grace episode #18

Soul Graduation, University Without Walls Mystic Grace episode #18

June 17, 2020

Hello! From Sedona, Arizona and the headquarters of the Academy For Future Science. We are together once again this time to reach out to all those young graduates and future graduates of “Spaceship Earth.”

Thank you to my beautiful nieces Megan and Abby who helped to shape the topic of conversation with Drs. JJ & Desiree Hurtak with their thoughtful questions. Abby is graduating high school and going on to a New England College and Megan has completed one year of college, also near her home in Connecticut.

I could not imagine graduating in a car with my cap and gown and having to cope with all the restrictions. How does one not touch or give their classmates a hug? I can’t help thinking of how unnatural and unfamiliar it must feel to them.

And yet, you have come to live on the new frontier of hope and change! To be the new star seeds of the future. Dr. JJ explains that life is about connecting the dots with myriads of opportunities. “We are a unique cosmology and we are all together here on this small planet.”

Dr. Desiree tells us to “Keep the faith in the planet’s future, YOUR future. Find your role in life and focus on it. Don’t give up! Work cooperatively with others. You are going to be finding people that you will be working with, so instead of marrying your high school or college sweetheart, plan your future and work towards that goal.”

“You are the architects of a new dawn, Dr. JJ tells us. Evolution does not stop. You are here to help keep the harmonic balance and to help with the graduation of human kind to space kind.”

“Energy forces want you to succeed, Dr. Desiree adds. Insights are not just coming from yourself but higher thought forms. Look for them, be open to them. There is a whole vast reality that you are a part of.”

I believe that we need to be very careful, very vigilant now. We need to resist being “spoon-fed” with the absurdity of things going on in our world right now.

We need to take our place in that university without walls, join together with our Light Family, our cosmic brothers and sisters and bend those spoons with our divine mind, our divine heart.

Congratulations on your graduation as we prepare for the next chapter in our human history.

I am with you. We all are. See you in the University of Love and Light, the University without walls.

Calling Upon The Higher Corona - The Crown Of Healing Light: Mystic Grace Episode #17

Calling Upon The Higher Corona - The Crown Of Healing Light: Mystic Grace Episode #17

March 31, 2020

A flowering house plant, called Crown of Thorns Corona De Cristo, native to Madagascar, that thrives on neglect and yet, blooms throughout the year, indoors or out. An evergreen succulent named Crown of Thorns due a legend that the thorny crown of Jesus was made from this plant’s stems. 

At the headquarters of the Academy For Future Science in Sedona, Arizona, we gather together with Drs. JJ & Desiree Hurtak for prayer, meditation and discussion in the midst of the worldwide pandemic, the coronavirus. 

Feeling the protection of the Crown of Light as we walk through the shadow of fear, we are capable of drawing in the Light of above, the Light of our Crown, our eternal connection with God. 

Drs. Hurtaks believe that it is through the invocation of sacred music and sound, sacred language and the sacred names of God which can protect and heal mankind’s suffering, especially at this crucial time. 

To better understand the sound of our own divine mind and vibratory nature, we petition and visualize the Gematria Gia, the sacred geometry of God’s Light which surrounds ourselves and that of our beloved Mother Earth. 

Intoning the ancient, sacred name of Mik-ky-ilu, Dr. JJ Hurtak calls upon the protection of Michael the Archangel in the glory of The Limitless Light, the Ain Soph. 

Dr. Desiree offers us Archangel Raphael, also known as the Medicine of God, for healing and protection. She believes that we can literally transform and restore every cell of our bodies by calling in higher help, such as Raphael’s divine presence. 

In every culture and faith, there exists a higher mind, a higher faith and Love for God. It is up to each one of us to reconnect to that power of God’s Light, to recharge our electrical batteries, our cellular, soulful memories. 

This is why Dr. Desiree feels that it is more about not getting the virus in the first place as she calls us to “Prayer, not panic, Faith not fear, Calm, not chaos.” 

Nearing half a century, The Academy’s global outreach has continued their teachings based on “The Book of Knowledge, The Keys of Enoch, copyright 1973. 

Dr. JJ Hurtak explains: “Our work is based upon The keys of Enoch, which is based upon a blueprint that our body is a vibratory vehicle. We are a bio-transducer capable of drawing in Light from above, from a higher dimension of reality. We are also capable of creating a higher consciousness to overcome the restrictions of conventional science and conventional medicine. 

Bottom line is that we are a Family of Light, and Wisdom and Higher Science. If we lose the Higher Faith, we cease to be a family. This is the time for, shall we say, a coming together on a very high level of recognizing that we can either go ahead with a culture of fear and violence, a culture of death, or we can choose to go with a culture of Light, Insights, and Higher Faith.” 

Just recently, my sister Clare gave me a great gift. It was the top front piece of my Mother’s old piano that she had secretly kept and commissioned an artist to paint. 

Along the winding river road, a scene, a memory of eight children, cygnets, floating along with their parents near the little cottage where they grew up. 

And in graceful, golden lettering, the words to a song that I had played on that piano a thousand times. 

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” from the musical, Carousel. 

Singing and harmonizing with Clare, along with other family members, it always gave me the hope and courage that I needed. It had become my lifeline to the truth of my connection to God. 

For our precious Mother Earth, especially at this time, who needs our Love and Prayers, we sing and open our corona, our crown chakras and let our hearts walk through this terrible storm, together. For We Never Walk Alone. 

AFFS (Academy For Future Science)
P.O. Box FE, Los Gatos, CA 95031
P.O. Box 3080, Sedona, AZ 86340 /

Jimmy’s Spiritual Tool Box & The Healing Flashlight: Mystic Grace Episode #16

Jimmy’s Spiritual Tool Box & The Healing Flashlight: Mystic Grace Episode #16

November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving, November, 2019
Ashland Oregon

This podcast was composed in Ashland Oregon after my brother called me to ask for some “spiritual tools.”

I had been on a six week journey to several cities and when I arrived in Ashland, I got off the road and stayed for a month.

I loved every minute of it. What a gift!

I was thrilled of course when my brother called to talk with me about the power of the mind to heal the body.

He believed absolutely that we human-beings can heal ourselves and he wanted me to join forces with him to be part of his healing program.

My thoughts were swirling around like falling leaves. I began to think about his life as an electrician, his generous personality and recently, his diagnosis of prostate cancer. I wondered how I would condense everything that I had learned into a short healing composition for him.

What kind of spiritual toolbox or psychological key? How many tools? How many keys?

Knowing that my brother like most Americans today are stressed to the max, I wondered how he was taking the time now to rest and recharge his batteries.

Every day, as I walked through town, into the magnificent autumn beauty of Lithia Park, I prayed for an answer.

Just like I did in 1987 for our Mother who had been diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgekins lymphoma. She was 57.

Upon hearing that unearthly shout - “You humans can heal yourselves with color, sound and vibration,” I took it very much to heart and soul.

It would take many years for me to act upon that command but I did build a healing center and my brother was my electrician.

Now, he is 54 and here we are again, 24 years later with the same forewarning.

We all know someone who is dealing with cancer. Look at all the cancer clinics and hospitals dedicated to this human suffering. They are still researching for cures.

As we continue to wrestle with all of the implications and misadventures of our humanity, including life and death, we are listening to and reading about incredible healing stories from people everywhere who are overcoming their disease and emotional pain.

How are they doing it? What has given them such knowledge, peace and love that leads them directly back to the truth of their own divine healing?

Let me share with you my thoughts and prayers in this 13 minute healing directive, along with quotes from Dr. Joseph P. Murphy and the incredible healing power of Michael Stillwater’s music.

Ashland, Oregon! What a magical little town. Decorated with fall foliage, it set the backdrop for their seasons’ end of all the Shakespearean plays and shows.

My timing was perfect to be there mid October and find Shrew’s Cottage B&B and Bruce Hall, owner, extraordinaire.

Everyday that I spent there, something wonderful happened. I felt like I was in a leading role, playing myself in this lovely little pocket of America, full of fellow thespians, artisans, writers and flower makers.

Protected by the Siskiyou Mountains and Oregon Cascades, there existed an atmosphere of high creativity and sincere community.

Everyone that I met had a great story of how they came to be there and how they too, felt like they belonged.

It reminded me of my own childhood, fifty years ago in America, unpretentious and unafraid.

Along with farm to table fresh food and numerous wineries, there were plenty of cannabis and CBD products wrapped anyway that you wanted.

The smell of hemp harvesting farms was a unique experience for me as well as some interaction with the unperturbed homeless.

All I had to do was walk out the front door of my lovely little Baroque Room and I found myself in the next lines of the play.

Built into my story line, of course, was the continuum of Mystic Grace in its spiritual and material pursuits; the understanding of our humanity and our divinity.

I could not have found myself in a better place to retreat, enjoy the electric atmosphere of Ashland and create the shortest podcast I have ever done.

I did find one key which fits the toolbox, LOVE.

And I will make a thousand duplicates, as many as you and I need.

Resurrecting the Light of Humanity on Planet Earth: The Harmonic Convergence of 1987 & My Mystic Neighbors - Mystic Grace Podcast #15

Resurrecting the Light of Humanity on Planet Earth: The Harmonic Convergence of 1987 & My Mystic Neighbors - Mystic Grace Podcast #15

April 18, 2019

Hello from St. Augustine Florida where I am enjoying some coffee and the company of my former beloved Connecticut neighbors, Archie and Alison Cochrane.

It is so good to see them.

Our lives have taken us in different directions and yet our friendship remains and will forever be treasured.

We had lived together as neighbors for ten years at a crucial point of time when I was ready to build upon a message that I had received in the first globally
synchronized meditation event called the Harmonic Convergence.

Years later, my neighbors and I would recognize the profound intuitiveness that we had all followed which led us onto the properties and wooded path which we shared.

Neither one of us had understood at the time what frequencies had “hit us” in the summer of 1987, but when we became neighbors and good friends nineteen years later, we discovered it was called, The Harmonic Convergence.

At this writing, I still do not know whether this was the first or second or only harmonic convergence, but I do know that it was a tremendous wake-up call for me and for millions of other “lightworkers” who continue to dedicate their love and light to help raise consciousness on our beloved planet Earth.

The Harmonic Convergence, which originally took place August 16 & 17th of 1987 was one of the world’s first globally synchronized meditation events. Astronomically, there were seven planets lined up in fire signs, symbolizing the purifying as well as the destructive aspects of the times Mother Earth was coming into. The dates were chosen from ancient esoteric wisdom, the Mayan Calendar and the Hopi prophecies in particular.

The man responsible for this epoch-making event was Jose Arguelles who launched a word-of mouth Harmonic Convergence campaign calling for 144,000 “Sun Dancers” to gather near sacred sites at dawn on these specific dates.

A vibrational signal was sent out and by word of mouth, hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps millions, gathered together around the world to sing and chant, pray and dance.

To prepare for an era of unprecedented change and a new evolutionary cycle on planet Earth, the signal was, “go back to the Earth...if you want peace on this planet, go back to the Earth.”

“Everyone from Shirley MacLaine to Timothy Leary to John Denver celebrated the event. Even talk show host Johnny Carson got his studio audience to OM on behalf of the event. Many people reported significant shifts of consciousness and a reorientation to their life patterns.”

For me, the signal came as a direct answer to a prayer for healing, loud and clear. For my neighbor Alison, the signal was just as powerful and instantly, she changed job careers.

Where the signal had come from, whether it had come from our own genetic coding, from the Earth, or from outer space - or from all of these, this signal went out and people responded.

Alison and Archie built their home, moored their sailboat in the Stonington Harbor and flipped the switch on their little lighthouse that they had bought for their garden. As that circular beam of light went out throughout the little neighborhood, it touched a house that I would later occupy to build my healing center.

All was prepared for me as I followed my heart’s desire to get even closer to the “Light of Lights” and Jeshua’s own signal in John 8:12 when he says “I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the Light of Life.”

As we sail around in our dream world here, whether on The Cochranes boat “Oneiros” meaning “Dream” or riding the waves of healing sounds and frequencies, we must hold the light. We must take our place as divine human beings as we travel consciously and purposely throughout this celestial planet of ours.

What happens to Mother Earth, happens to us. Let us find the Light of our love for ourselves, for one another and for Mother Earth.

She is our future.
Happy Easter.

The song that was chosen for this podcast is called “Holy Lamb” by British songwriter Jon Anderson and the rock band called “Yes” who wrote a song specifically for The Harmonic Convergence of 1987.

Hold the light
Hold the light
Out of love we'll come a long, long, glorious way
At the start of every day
A child begins to play
And all we need to know
Is that the future is a friend of yours and mine

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Jose Arguelles

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