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PODCAST #26 The Ark

March 24, 2022
Welcome! "Perfect Love Casteth Out Fear” 
Spring Equinox Blessings from Phoenix, Arizona for this special narration of “The Ark” envisioned by Evelyn Nolt, published in 1965.
This vision, this prophecy, that came into Evelyn’s mind was so profound that it was carried by The Eagles to Menno and Sharon Pauls in BC Canada. (See Podcast #9)
Throughout the true story of their own lives, Menno and Sharon were chosen to follow actual encounters with “hobo angels” and other supernal human beings who gave them instructions to begin gathering the harvest. 
The human harvest. 
When Menno and Sharon began to share their story, it materialized by tape recording first and then translated into the extraordinary manuscript of “The Gathering of the Eagles” (published by Ray Hudson). It traveled all over the world without a penny exchanged and still does to this day. 
When Evelyn was offered a copy of The Eagles story, she cried with joy knowing that her vision, this prophecy was miraculously similar to Menno and Sharon’s lifelong mission.
When they met by phone, it was an exchange of jubilant rapture. Menno would share her story and Evelyn would know that her vision, her dream was real after all. 
Two years ago in May, 2020 I was given my own special instructions to bring Evelyn’s prophecy into focus. Since, it was all one dream, it was written as such. I worked for two weeks to bring the author’s vision into an easier transformation for the reader to follow.
I knew that I had Evelyn’s permission for the re-write when I began the translation. She had departed already for that perfect love which she had written about and I needed her approval for this, her dream, to become a reality here.
What I hadn’t known was that just a few weeks ago, I felt the urgency to record this and make it Podcast #26.
I couldn’t help but ask my guides, “is this the last one, then?!” The last podcast that I would ever do?
Thank you Evelyn, thank you Menno and Sharon, Judy Blake and Judy Johnson for your magical love and commitment to The Gathering of the Eagles. And Linda Johnson for your ancient love, your pedagogue friendship with both humanity and the divine.
Thank you especially to Judy Johnson who just loved the story of "The Ark" and her willingness to stay up with me through some hours of correct pronunciation of a few of Evelyn’s words and communication.
It was a labor of love, for me certainly, but then I keep thinking - are we that close? 
And more importantly, are we prepared? Am I?
And so we fly, dear Eagles! As we gather our friendship and our passion to preserve all that we have lived for and hoped for and all that we protect - our love for this harvest, our divine humanity.
“Perfect love casteth out fear"
Colleen Grace Clabby
MusiCure, Music As Medicine
By Niels Eje 

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