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PODCAST #21 We Are the Miracle Workers. Part 2

January 10, 2021

We Are the Miracle Workers. Part 2 Sound Healing with Sharon Holleran
The miracle of Sound Healing


How Sharon healed her crippling back pain through the vibration of crystal singing bowls. In 2012, unable to walk, she was brought to an old church in Pasadena, CA called the “Church of Truth.” *

What happened to Sharon was a miracle and yet she had complete trust in the hope and possibility that it would work. The sound of the bowls triggered that memory of self-healing and halfway through the sound bath, she felt “all this crackling of energy and blood flowing down my legs.”

After about six months of using this healing power of sound, Sharon was completely healed. She could go hiking again and do anything she wanted to do.

We can do that now. We must do that now. For this is the only real, natural, free energy left to us to practice.

Throughout this podcast, Sharon also shares some remarkable experiences on her healing journey, her encounters with other off-world realities and her own blood type which makes up only one percent of the human population.

Is she a “real human?” Yes! Has she suffered and gone through much pain? Oh yes.

But, her laughter and song override the discord and disharmony of negativity and untruths because she has learned how. She practices with her sound healing bowls and loves to energize and share her healing gifts with others.

Recently, Sharon and I were talking about our family backgrounds and discovered that we both came from loud, creative, and expressive family dynamics where we could explore our talents and needs and freely protest if we wanted to! 

And not only that, but our very spirited fathers shared the same nickname which was, “Happy Jack!”  What are the odds of that?

We also understand what is at stake here and that we are in danger of losing our very voices and soul power, our memories of self-healing through divine intervention.

Ask for it. Keep asking and believing. Charge up your brain power, your heart & soul power and make 
a joyful noise.


*From The Church of Truth, Pasadena, CA.

Our Center for Awakening Consciousness teaches that there is a power within us greater than anything that happens to us, and that by understanding and applying the principles of this power we can establish ourselves in health, harmony and abundance. Our founder, Dr. Albert Grier said: "Truth ... goes to the one source of authority - the soul of man - where God has put power and says: Trust thyself." Our belief is "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." Dr. Grier's vision was to "found a church from which man, no matter how far he advances, no matter what vision shall be granted him, will never have to depart in order to follow his highest, to answer the call of his soul. "Through meditation, contemplation and conscious living we open ourselves to the direct and personal experience of God. Statement of Being "I am Spirit, I think, see, feel and live as Spirit in the presence of God, and through the power of God in me am able to manifest the perfection of Spirit in mind and body."



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