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PODCAST #22 Blessings from the Heart & The Ancestors

February 11, 2021
Happy Valentines Day with June Rettinger de Arballo and Colleen from Sedona, Arizona.
This Month of February is dedicated to the blessings of the Heart, to the very soul of our lives. 
At this time of struggle for our breath of life, we need the prayers and blessings of our ancestors more than ever. Everything we think, do and say, leaves an imprint on the heart somewhere. That is why we need prayers, songs and blessings.
June tells us that, “A blessing can change your life! Ancestors are real. We have a direct link to them because they have walked this earth, living and breathing the four elements of earth, wind, water and fire. They are supporting us all the time, even the unborn.”
June’s own ancestry is Apache, Spanish, Mexican, and German. She is a dual citizen of the United States and Mexico and follows her spiritual practice from her mother’s heritage of Apache and Mexican. 
She comes from a family of seers where it was perfectly normal to sit around the kitchen table and talk about spirits, dreams and visitations. 
Her life has been dedicated to the use of her gifts as a psychic/medium, offering readings, clearings, ceremonies and blessings as well as group experiences. She carries a special permit to perform these ceremonies on the red rocks of Sedona.
June is also a licensed massage therapist since 1979 specializing in medium to deep tissue massage and cupping.
Through all of these gifts of meaningful things, her own indigenous prayer songs, love for the ancestors, the earth and humanity, she opens the vortex of the heart and hands!
June can read the top of your hands, even from just a photo, which shows the story of your life.
“Hands tell everything June declares. In fact, your hands change as you change. I’ve had hands change right in front of me.”
She explains that when you look at couple’s hands together, it tells how they are with each other and what they need from each other. “The Left hand tells how you came into the world and the Right hand is how you are operating, regardless of whether you are right-handed or left-handed or have had an injury.”
“The bottom part of the hand has to do with your relationship to love, other relationships and sometimes where you came from, difficult places. When you gather the information of your life and sort it out, the lessons, giving back to whoever and whatever, you are then able to take the medicine of the things that you have learned and move forward.”
Over many years she has also worked closely with Indigenous Elders from around the world including the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers to bring their messages to our communities.
We thank you June Arballo for your gifts of meaningful things, your ancestral blessings and your heart of love.
Meaningful Things of Sedona
Circle of Sacred Sisterhood
Sedona Chamber of Commerce, SMSA - Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects
International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers
Ellen Goldberg (Tarot & Hand Readings)
Web of Life Animists Church in Tucson - (Animism- A process that encourages the individual to perceive themselves as an equal in the web of life, and as a contributor to a sustainable lifestyle).
Apache Song - “Tatanka”

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