Mystic Grace Podcast

Podcast # 20 We are the miracle workers!

December 31, 2020
Through divine intervention and our own heartbeat, we ourselves become the strongest antidote to all the fear and ambivalence that we find in our world today.

We are the embodiment of Creation!
We need to reclaim our voice, our laughter and our song.
Come on a healing journey with me through the heartbeat of the drum and let us together close this year 2020 and turn our thoughts to a greater vision of our true selves and the true power of what we can accomplish through divine intervention.

This meditation, this “Light scan” of our body will help you to seek and find and help to destroy anything that is making you ill.
Through your own memory and connection to God, to the True Source of Creation, it is time to take our power back and heal ourselves. 
Let us use our gifts our creativity and our faith to exercise that power of our own birthright.
“Little White Buffalo”

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