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PODCAST #25 The Soul Body: Taking Back Our Soul Power

December 24, 2021

The Soul Body: Taking Back Our Soul Power
Podcast #25

Welcome to all! From Colleen and friends, Drs. Hurtak in West Sedona, AZ 

“Our Soul is doomed to perfection!” writes Dr. JJ Hurtak in his book, The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch® - a best selling 612 page book first published in 1973. 

Searching for many years, studying the Sanskrit, the Coptic, and the Greek texts of philosophy as well as the mystical experiences, Dr. JJ wanted to convey to his students a more profound explanation and not just a philosophical understanding of “The Eternal One.” 

With all his heart and soul in search for God, Dr. Hurtak as a young scholar, turned his body into a musical instrument through chanting, singing, and praying for “A taste of the Eternal Living Experience.’’He was granted not just a taste but was taken to a heavenly, glorious banquet. 

Dr. Hurtak describes his experience as a “Beatific Vision” where multi-dimensional realities suddenly surrounded him with a whole stream of colors with beautiful sounds. 

Upon being questioned by an angelic face asking Dr. JJ if he was ready to go with him to experience the higher realms, he replied that he was. 

When I asked for more detail, Dr. Hurtak explained that “Ultimately there is a sense of recognizing that there is a mind in the greater universe and there are personalities like beings of light, master teachers, lords of light, teachers of glory including the Christ Being.” 

JJ went on to say that “this profound experience brought together both sides of the human experience, the scientific and the spiritual and that was the celebration of life - the taste of the eternal presence.” 

Dr. Desiree adds that what her husband experienced was the proof that we are not alone and that “our soul is much more than a be-ing sitting inside of a body and being trapped (if you want to look at it that way - inside of a body). In actuality, our soul is here for a very important reason - right now.” 

Desiree also talks about the 64 areas of science in their book, The Keys of Enoch®, that are going to take a quantum leap because “we are literally going to encounter other realities, other realms of intelligence. Our consciousness can link to these other dimensional realities because we all have that potential, not just Dr. Hurtak.

This is the greatest time to be alive Dr. JJ tells us, to realize that science is picking up on the real spirituality and spirituality is beginning to understand divine science on higher levels of mind expansion. We are going to go into a cosmic change coming very soon, with cosmic intelligence on our doorstep.

Each one of us are very important.” Dr. Desire speaks of another one of their popular books on our topic today called Overself Awakening, A Guide To The Schoolhouse of The Soul®. Desiree explains that “People should realize that this is a consciousness reality, a consciousness field. It’s not a physical field as much as you think it is. The soul is the essence of who you are. The physical form is to benefit the soul and you mustn’t destroy its potential.”

“We are not alone on this planet, in the heavens or extraterrestrial. There are so many levels of intelligence around. The soul is ongoing and you really are here for a purpose. We need to honor that and find our inner true mission.” 

Dr. JJ bids us to “Grow up and take our soul power. We are God-Given sparks of intelligence and life itself is the classroom with our heart as the tabernacle of the soul. When we discover that there is greater joy and purpose, we recognize that life is a partnership between divine and human and that young people especially throughout the world should keep up with it. Do not give up on life or become desensitized!” 

We discuss the absurdness of living on this planet at this time and the incredible suffering of humanity. 

Dr. JJ tells us that we need to go beyond the suffering, the lower consciousness of unworthiness and the limited view of black and white. “We are living in a synergistic symphony of sound and color.” 

Of course! Each one of us are musical instruments right from the birth of our beautiful soul. We can be tuned to the sound of divine love, to human harmony or be out of tune, out of sync with despair and illness. It was the shout from divine universal intelligence which spoke to me directly of human healing, of color, sound and vibration which advanced my own soul growth, many years ago, tuning me up for a greater service to humanity. 

Dr. Desiree emphasizes that “we all have that ability to grow our soul and if your story is limiting you, you need to change that story.” Desiree reminds us that so many people who have had near death experiences are asked the same question about their living experience, their time spent on the earth. That question being, “What did you do with your life to help humanity?” 

Dr. JJ encourages us to understand that this is “the dawning of a whole new consciousness. The new science is confirming what the ancient philosophers knew, that there was a higher guiding force of the universe. We are beginning to realize that spirituality if properly used with a higher positive psychology and art is really the rainbow bridge to the other worlds.” 

“There are other worlds, other cosmic cultures, other intelligent life looking back at Mother Earth because we are part of a cosmic civilization.” 

“Our soul is quite advanced” declares Dr. Desiree and is very much prepared to be at one with any of these realities. They are actually - admirers of our soul.” 

“So, please recognize the preciousness of your soul, the brilliance of your soul power and make your goal one of service to humanity, trans-humanity, or future humanity. Put forth new ideas and creativity and take yourself off the cross of space and time. Make yourself a new geometric pattern of ascension.” 

“We are here now to be the Light, to be the Light bearers.” In fellowship and glory, we thank you.” 

Drs. Desire Hurtak and JJ Hurtak & Colleen 







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