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Podcast #19 “A Christmas Letter”

December 24, 2020

Podcast #19 “ A Christmas Letter”
From The Academy For Future Science with Drs. JJ & Desiree Hurtak and Mystic Grace in Sedona, Arizona

“A Happy Christmas to you!
For the Prince of Peace is come,
And his reign is full of blessings,
Their very crown and sum.
No earthly calm can ever last,
Tis but the lull before the blast;
But His great Peace shall still increase
In mighty, all-rejoicing sway: His kingdom in thy heart can never pass away.” 

Just this week during Winter Solstice, we see a new light in our earthly skies as Jupiter and Saturn once again conjunct after 800 years. We find ourselves in auspicious awe at the sight of it and we call it “The Christmas Star.”

Is it a good sign? A warning? It comes at the end of the most challenging year of 2020 as we humans, we shepherds of our beautiful planet have been stopped in our tracks just like some of the shepherds were two thousand years ago.

As we listen to the ancient melody of “The First Nowell” (Noel), written in 1833, What was the first angelic word that the startled shepherds heard?  

It was - “Fear not!”

Beloved, it comes to you as a Christmas message most sweet and true; as true for you as it was for them in the lonely fields of Bethlehem; and as sweet to-day as it was that night, when the glory dazzled their mortal sight.”*

Just as it did to Dr. JJ Hurtak 48 years ago when he called upon the Divine Father to know more of the meaning of his life here.

As a young scholar and professor, Dr. Hurtak wanted God to fill in some of the missing pieces. Lo and Behold, through the Grace of God and in direct answer to his humble prayers, Dr. Hurtak was enveloped in a superluminal Light and taken up into the heavens. He was shown the meaning of his divine path and given great gifts of science and teachings of wisdom and love.

For the purpose of his life and that of beloved earths’ humanity and its future, a sacred scroll of 64 Keys of Enoch® would be encoded unto him to bring back to Earth.

Since that time of the original publication of “The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®” in 1973, This good shepherd along with his wife, Dr. Desire Hurtak founded The Academy For Future Science.

Together they have built a future highway to the stars and beyond. This super highway is known throughout the world and has been well traveled for almost half a century.

Dr. Desiree explains that “If we are indeed the shepherds … we must get our consciousness off of this earth-bound reality.  

“We are in a spiritual resonance, experiencing other worlds, other realities. Many people, especially the youth, are experiencing apparitions and afterlife in dreams and visions. We here at the Academy can bring scientific insights to that for eternal life.”

Dr. JJ tells us, we can be like “eternal Christmas trees with all of its branches reaching out to all the galaxies and worlds beyond which we are just beginning to understand now as cosmic citizens.”

Dr. Desiree continues to explain that Christ’s ability to go beyond the physical realm into a Light Body is part of a consciousness linkage, which is our own reality, a deeper interconnection.

The Christmas story is about the divine becoming human. The real story of Christ’s birth is about His ascension, about His coming to this earth plane and returning to give us all that deeper connection, that information of love and healing including other aspects of the holy spirit, the higher feminine voicing and expressions.”

Dr. JJ adds: “Part of our work on this earth is to share our gifts with one another because we have come from a divine family and we also, will return. The human can be raised to become divine, like a diamond vehicle, a blessed vehicle. The divine family is teaching us the story of Adam and Eve all over again.” Dr. Hurtak describes The Christmas Letter as an “open-ended letter” in which God gives to us and then it is up to each one of us to understand it. To believe whole-heartedly that through God’s divine grace, we belong to this divine-human family.

I ask about the tremendous uncertainty of what we humans will see as the final curtain rises, so to speak. Along with our incomprehensible fear of death, and our future with Artificial Intelligence, what in God’s name will we encounter? A spaceship or the face of God?!  

“We would see the divine in action according to our level of commitment to the divine process,” Dr. Hurtak declares. “The miracles and the power of the Divine Mind is working in ways that are unbelievable now. This is the greatest time to be alive! Through the holy names of God, we have been given a formula to open up space and time as never before, to take the upper paths through the veil of tears. In searching for deeper answers, we become the good and faithful servant. As we open those doors to space and time for contact with other worlds, we will see the second coming of Christ and the second coming of Science.

“We must turn away from the vulgarism and materialism of the media and turn to the names of God. The Keys of Enoch® tell us that this is the time, the age of the Holy Spirit and the age of miracles to come together.”

As we close this Christmas podcast with a blessing from Drs. Hurtak, I want to wish you all a blessed holiday. May the Divine Light keep you bright and may you follow that Christmas Star to the birth of who you truly are.

Love, Colleen and The Academy

*Songs of Christmas by Frances Ridley Havergal published 1884 in New York - One Hundred and Thirty Six years ago



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