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Pura Vida & Life Beyond: Mystic Grace Episode #11

Pura Vida & Life Beyond: Mystic Grace Episode #11

November 7, 2018

“Pura Vida” from Costa Rica! Meaning, a good life, pure and simple. What a magnificent country and people. I find myself very much at home in the heart of this happy country listening to the howling monkeys, the singing parrots, macaws and motmots. Everything is green and colorful, warm and magical! The Costa Ricans are generous people preserved and protected in their “Love for Life” and by the very nature of their biodiversity and their cultural inheritance. The feeling is one of universal freedom where the spirit of the land invites anyone or anything to come live in harmony with it.

Twenty-one years ago, an American woman originally from Wyoming, began living the Pura Vida lifestyle and brought to Costa Rica her passion for healing, yoga teaching, massage, Qigong master skills, nutritional & spiritual coaching. Casa Helena was born and quickly became one of the first original yoga and spa retreats in the Guanacaste region. Her life stories are precious, fascinating and heart breaking as well. When her elder son disappears at the age of 33 from San Jose, the search is never really over because there is no body. However, she is told by several different psychics that her son is still alive and that he has been taken by aliens.

Thirty minutes into our early morning podcast when Helena tenderly begins to share her story about her son, something very extraordinary happens in our recording. The moment Helena opens her heart, we hear a whole symphony of insects, cicadas I believe, start to sing. They are so loud and intrusive that it feels to me like they are trying to tell us something. About Michael? About where he is?! It is a story that Helena has not shared with many people. But after what she describes as me “magically appearing” in her life, and she in mine, I offer her a book to read called Beyond The Light Barrier. It is an autobiographical love story between Elizabeth Klarer who lives in South Africa and Akon, an astrophysicist who lives on Meton, a planet of Proxima Centuri.

As Helena holds the book and begins to read, her whole energy field lights up with excitement and our conversations turn to a greater purpose as she begins to reveal her own incredible, intergalactic experiences. Not far from where Helena lives is a heart-shaped lake called Cote or Lake Coter. She explains about the sacredness of this lake along with mysterious encounters with other worldly phenomenon that she and others have experienced there. She tells me that years ago, when she would drive past the entrance to the lake, where the old sign reads, “Alien Zone,” her steering wheel would turn in that direction magnetically pulling her up the steep winding dirt road. It reminded me of a similar story that Shirley MacLaine told in her 1983 book Out On a Limb which was made into a super great movie a few years later. Lake Cote is also the place where the most famous undisputed photograph of a ufo/uso (submerged) was taken in 1971. Please see the article below.

Helena insists that we try and go up to this lake before I leave the Guanacaste region and that we will need a rugged vehicle. It has been raining hard and she does not want to use her car! Arrangements are made and we pick a beautiful clear day to see Lake Cote, heart shaped, quiet and calm. There are building lots for sale now. There is also an old lodge in disrepair where large dusty framed photographs of the ufo/uso are still hanging on the wall. It was a good adventure for me and I felt wonderful being there.

The whole place felt very familiar to me. I was ready now to move on and explore. I wanted to get to the beaches, the volcanoes, hanging bridges, and the town of La Fortuna. I would leave the exact itinerary open to the spiritual heart and wisdom of the land. “Thank you Helena!” May the Light of your love and service here continue to shine in all directions. Stay the course and see you in the stars. Pura Vida!

From Beyond the Light Barrier:

“I looked into the mysterious sky, remote and never still, and wondered about Nature’s plan for men of Earth. Will they ever grasp and understand her plan of evolution set for them? Will they realize one day that the whole universe in which they have their being is life, composed of energy and matter, and that they are merely a part of its condensed energy? Humankind is not unique. He is merely a creature of the cosmos who is still too immature to comprehend the profound truth of his origin - his galactic origin. Perhaps a race memory, nourished and retained within his subconscious through centuries of Earth time, may burst forth in the splendor of truth when he treads the road to the stars and returns into the fold of the universe in which he has his being.” by Elizabeth Klarer.

Article from the Costa Rica Star News:

“On September 4, 1971, the Costa Rican National Geographic Institute was taking aerial photos from 10,000 ft above Lake Cote, the small body of water that would later become the larger Lake Arenal, as part of preliminary studies for the future hydroelectric project. The study was funded by the Costa Rican Electricity Institute to determine water sources in the area for their planned hydroelectric project. Photographer Sergio Loaiza, along with Costa Ricans Juan Bravo and Francisco Reyes, traveled on a twin- engine Canadian F680 with a special 100 lb map-making camera donated by the German government rigged onto the floor of the plane snapping a photo about every 13 seconds.

It was during this aerial inspection that what is considered to be the best photograph of a UFO in the world was taken. When the photographs were developed, one of the frames (with the time of 8:25 a.m.) showed what seemed to be a metallic disc about 160 ft in diameter, which had just left, or was on the point of entering, the lake. It was giving off light, and had made a sudden maneuver at the instant the photo was taken. The object showed up on neither the previous frame of film nor the one afterwards. Checks on the negative eliminated tricks of the light as an explanation. What the geographers had seen was an extraordinary but little-known phenomenon – a USO. Unidentified Flying Objects, or UFOs, have been reported for centuries. What few people realize is that USOs – Unidentified Submergible Objects – have been reported for almost as long. Sometimes, as in the mysterious incident at Lake Cote, a UFO can be seen transforming itself into a USO, or vice versa. Photographer Loaiza said that after the photographs were developed, and the object appearing in that one frame was discussed, he and his colleagues were forbidden from divulging any information about what the scientists on the ICE-Lake Arenal project considered to be a UFO. In 1979, Ricardo Vilchez, one of the project team members, sent the photograph to an organization in the United States called Ground Saucer Watch (GSW) which analyzes these types of cases. GSW determined that the image was true and unadulterated, reported CR Hoy. After that, the photograph became public in the Costa Rican media. ‘It’s one of the most compelling scientific confirmations that UFOs are real,’ recounts Oscar Sierra, a UFO researcher based in Costa Rica. Sierra said the photograph was analyzed in France and the United States by different organizations that studied the case, and all confirmed the object’s existence.”

Crop Circles & Consciousness: Mystic Grace Episode #10

Crop Circles & Consciousness: Mystic Grace Episode #10

August 28, 2018

Transmitting from the Eastern Seaboard of Mystic Connecticut to New York City with a stop in Guilford, CT at Swallowtail Farm. I am so excited to share an afternoon with these remarkable friends, Colin Andrews and his wife Dr. Synthia Andrews. Along with Drs. JJ and Desiree Hurtak, we find ourselves embraced by a warm New England day with the sounds of sheep baaing nearby and Synthia’s own horses tucked in the barn.

As we sit outside enjoying this special time with one another in the “garden of life” as Dr. JJ Hurtak puts it, we might as well be in England’s countryside which is where Colin Andrews is from and where he saw his first crop circle in 1983.

One year later, Colin would coin the term, “crop circles” which would forever bind Colin’s heart to these mystifying messages. After all, they were already in his own backyard and as a practical electrical engineer and government official, he would investigate!

As we move indoors for tea and dessert, everyone graciously agrees to tape some of the conversation for my next podcast.


Our time is precious and we are very aware of that. We have gathered together at this time to renew and support one another’s life work and share information. Colin invites us all on a field trip as he shares with us, his very first experience with a crop circle.

Drs. Synthia, JJ, and Desiree join in and explore in conversation what they think the crop circles mean and how they relate to human consciousness.

Although many of the crop circles remain a mystery, declares Colin, one thing is known for sure. These elaborate geometric patterns are messages to us, giving us clues to our past history, to our presence, and most definitely to our future. Even those humans who wanted to prove them as hoaxes by making some themselves, felt guided to do so by a higher consciousness.

How interesting.

Dr. Synthia says that every crop circle is a real crop circle whether there was human involvement in it or not because of the mystical triad. She explains that the three elements joining together the spiritual inspiration itself, interacting with earth energy, interacting with human energy, is truly the path of what our human divine consciousness is all about.

So how do we feel when we look at a crop circle or even walk into one?

Drs. JJ and Desiree remember experiencing their first crop circle in Hungary in 1992. A member of the Hungarian Opera family had joined them and while they were intoning sounds, they saw and felt unusual

JJ feels that these geometries, or crop circles that they have seen in their work throughout the world, represent the sacred geometries of the human body in motion and that “we are being taught a new language in artistic form and vibration form as well as in cosmic language. We are to understand that our school house mother earth is being prepared for

In the 2011 special edition of the Andrews Catalog, Colin writes that the authentic crop formations are an attempt to communicate. He calls it a “new, symbolic, terra-linguistic geography that is intended to arouse emotion. They have been deliberately placed in fields of cereal crops, life-giving vegetation that has been planted by man and because of their placement, they were guaranteed to be seen.”

Desiree agrees and adds that “These crop circles are important to us in that they give us vital clues and information to wake us up.”

She goes on to explain that according to THE BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE: THE KEYS OF ENOCH, written by Dr JJ Hurtak over forty years ago, that information whether it be genetics, astrobiological, historical, or
archeologically discovered, is coming forth now to help prepare the species for our next quantum leap. Maybe even moving into contact with extra terrestrial realities in a more normal sense than we have today. It is time for us to learn how to help ourselves and this planet.

How many messages do we need to see, to hear, to be given, in order for us to understand that we must take our place in the food bank of cosmic love? To honor those crop circles that wish to reach out to us, teach us and remind us that we must raise our vibratory field and consciousness so that we can see and understand who we are and where we belong.

Psalm 121:1 I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? From singing crop circles to underground temples and portals, to the vibratory field of our emotional consciousness and our relationship to it all, we begin to finally realize that we truly are not alone and never have been.

For me, when I have seen crop circles in photographs or films, I feel so uplifted and hopeful that our home on earth has always been a part of a greater consciousness which we will regain when we choose our own higher intelligence of peace and unity and stop playing war games.

Please enjoy podcast #10 And these websites:

Colin Andrews -
Dr. Synthia Andrews - ;
Drs. JJ & Desiree Hurtak - ;

The Gathering of the Eagles, A Conversation with Menno Pauls: Mystic Grace Episode #9

The Gathering of the Eagles, A Conversation with Menno Pauls: Mystic Grace Episode #9

July 27, 2018

Hello from British Columbia, Canada and Happy Birthday to my lovely tall niece Megan who is 17.

What a beautiful country, Canada, and especially the province of British Columbia. Here we enter the land and spirit of THE GATHERING OF THE EAGLES. The time of this convocation has finally arrived through great joy, desire and perseverance to meet the “chief eagle” Menno Pauls.

We fly! Mid July, my friend Judy and I, from Anchorage Alaska to B.C. to meet Menno Pauls and his wife, Sharon. We spend glorious time together listening and sharing and exploring the surrounding nature of Salmon Arm. Both Judy and I feel like we are somehow “back in time” with the beauty and breath of the lakes and mountains. We open our hearts and windows of love and retake the memories for the reason that we have come.

Menno’s own story begins with his job as a humble window washer in Vancouver, when one ordinary workday, Menno climbs down from his ladder and hastily fishes out of his pocket, bits of paper and a pen. The poem that he writes is so profound that he knows that his life will never be the same again. That was in 1974. Along with this extraordinary poem/ message, he begins to have profound experiences and dreams. Six years later in July of 1981, his story, The Gathering of the Eagles is born.

This podcast, 44 years later, is a tape recording of a conversation between Menno and myself on a hot summer Sunday, July 22nd. He begins with that prophetic poem called, “A Prince of Hope” and reads the first part.

As I prepare to leave this enclave of beauty with a pocketful of dreams and hope, I fly back to another perch, another branch of God’s Golden Tree. It is one that I am very familiar with and need to be ever so grateful for, my own life’s journey and purpose.

Judy left a few days ago. So awful to try and say good-bye especially after a trip like this.

When I told Menno that Judy was missing us all, he replied with a knowing smile and a twinkle in his eye, “Tell her, that I have stamped both your passports.”

The Gathering of the Eagles Manuscript by Menno Pauls
Transcription, Ray Hudson

The Prince of Hope

The Gathering of the Eagles - Part One

The Gathering of the Eagles - Part Two

Time is an Illusion, The Crossword Puzzle Number 26: Mystic Grace Episode #8

Time is an Illusion, The Crossword Puzzle Number 26: Mystic Grace Episode #8

June 7, 2018

from Washington, D.C.

Happy Father’s Day!

When my father Jack finally lets go of his house and his life, the most magnificent thing happens. He sends a profound message through a crossword puzzle before his time of death here.

Is time simply an illusion then?

This podcast is a story that I wrote in 2014 about my father passing from this dimensional field into the next. Jack does not want to go however, because he trusts only what he can see in front of him. He is constantly glancing at his watch to remind him that he is still living and breathing on this earth plane and as long as he can still see that watch, he is still alive and not in hell or anywhere else!

Spacetime, as it is called is the theory that we exist in parallel universes where space and time are connected proving that the concept of time is simply an illusion. Everything that has ever been or ever will be is happening right now. The concept of time is simply an illusion made up of human memories, writes Leigh Brasington. Time is an illusion we created to try and measure the rate of change
of the present. It's always now. But it's an ever changing now. We usually think of time as having three parts - Past, Present, Future. But what is the Past - only a collection of memories. We can't experience the Past, we can only remember it. And we can only remember it in the Present (furthermore, our memories are noticeably unreliable). There is no objective thing that we call the Past; it can't be measured in any way; our only contact with it is in the Present.

And what is the Future - only a mental construct in the Present. We can't experience the Future until it "becomes" the Present. Until then it is only a hope and dream. We can project what the Future may be like, but we are considerably less accurate than when we remember the Past. There is no objective thing that we call the Future; it can't be measured in any way; our only contact with it is in the Present.

That leaves us with only the Present - the ever changing Present. This change that we experience in the ever present Present does have a "direction." Things change in the general direction of having greater entropy. Entropy is a measure of the amount of disorder in a system. That's why when we measure time we find it restricted to one direction (unlike when we measure distance) - things are changing such that the overall system has more and more entropy.

Although the illusionary nature of time is the deep truth in this matter, it's not particularly practical. To be totally in harmony with this truth, you'd need to wear a watch that always said "now". But you'd be late for a lot of meetings ....

Healing the Fear of Illness and Death, Windfall of Light Healing Meditation: Mystic Grace Episode #7

Healing the Fear of Illness and Death, Windfall of Light Healing Meditation: Mystic Grace Episode #7

May 28, 2018

May 7th, 2018 - From the land of "lucky sevens" in Las Vegas, Nevada, Podcast 7 is dedicated to friends and family and all human beings who are struggling on this earth plane.

Guided by this 20 minute healing meditation, we take our chances aboard the mystic dreamship and head out to sea. We heed the call, not of the slot machines, but of the ancient sound of the mystic whale calling us into the magnetic field of the merkabah healing light. The word mer-ka-ba comes from an Egyptian translation meaning "light, spirit, body". It is also known as the chariot of the soul.

As we surround our earthly physical bodies with this healing light, we are reminded that we really are liquid beings made up of mostly water! As we begin to finally remember the power of our own magnetic field, we outsource our thoughts and plug in to our own electric company. Energizing and healing ourselves, we follow the seven virtues instead of the seven deadly sins as we navigate through chartered waters with our own celestial instruments, ourselves. Good luck!

Who am I? A Divine HUE (color) man, Healing With Colors: Mystic Grace Episode #6

Who am I? A Divine HUE (color) man, Healing With Colors: Mystic Grace Episode #6

April 6, 2018

Broadcasting from Cornville, Arizona near Sedona, Claudia Granger and Colleen continue their conversation with thoughts of survival and with techniques that we can use right now to clear out negative beliefs and apathetic influences that keep us in our suffering situations. Colleen believes that we are already biologically encoded with survival skills and that by changing our vibratory field, we can expand that Loving Light that surrounds us, inside and out.

One of the greatest natural tools that we Hue-mans can think about and use is the healing therapy of color. Claudia believes that the color of Gold is the frequency of the soul and shares with us her “Golden Meditation” to do as a practical exercise. She describes how quickly negative and fearful thoughts dissipate when that golden connection to the divine Light is recaptured. Claudia also explains how the color silver is used as a superb detoxifier. Another simple and yet extremely effective exercise to do is to visualize yourself as a kind of house where you can imagine yourself in each room or floor or space. In your imagination while “remote viewing” each room or space, you can “see” how cluttered or spacious each room is from cellar to attic. You can give each room a color as well and think about how that feels. Ultimately it is up to each one of us as gatekeepers to our own thoughts to monitor and listen to first, before expressing.

When we remember to be more loving to ourselves, we are effortlessly reconnected to God’s eternal love and forgiveness for us. The remembrance of that feeling is offered with every breath we take, every message that we hear and understand from our higher selves, our true selves. Here is one profound loving thought that I heard during a deep meditation as I was thinking of Jeshua, the messenger. As he called me by name, HE said, “Colleen, if you would only believe that I love you half as much as you love me, then you would love yourself unconditionally.” Shalom, Colleen

Survival of the Soul with Claudia Granger: Mystic Grace Episode #5

Survival of the Soul with Claudia Granger: Mystic Grace Episode #5

April 6, 2018

From Sedona Arizona in the land of enchantment, psychic phenomena and superluminal vortexes, Colleen meets Claudia Granger; psychic educator and medium extraordinaire. Colleen herself books a reading with Claudia over the phone and is happy to discover a very talented and experienced way shower. As the spirit guides would have it, Colleen and Claudia finally meet in person to share a glass of wine and drink in the stunning scenery of Sedona.

Their hearts and minds have been synchronized for a lovely new friendship as they discuss what is truly important in their lives now and how they are navigating through these tumultuous times. They agree that they have a lot to share and that they might as well record their conversation in a lovely little town called Cornville, right outside of Sedona.

And what will their first topic of discussion be? SURVIVAL! Not “survival of the fittest,” but rather, survival of the soul. Especially now at this time with all of these “shaker upper” experiences as Claudia proclaims in her charming German accent. How do we prepare for survival? What is it that human beings are really afraid of? Claudia believes that it is the fear of pain and suffering. Colleen believes that it is the fear of dying and the ego, easing God out, agrees with both of them.

Join us for podcast #5 as the journey continues through the vortex of healing, through the sacred geometries of the Sedona red rocks and the spectacular beauty of the Southwest.

The Etherial Healing Room: Mystic Grace Episode #4

The Etherial Healing Room: Mystic Grace Episode #4

November 8, 2017

Broadcasting from Grand Junction near the majestic canyons and plateaus of the Colorado National Monument, this 40 minute podcast takes you deep inside Colleen's own etherial sanctuary.

She builds a sound healing room with stained glass doors, a vibro-acoustical sound healing table, an alter with over 100 tuning forks and adds to it anything else consecrated and directed to be put inside this "etherial operating room."

Built exclusively to serve as a tunnel of unconditional love, Colleen describes the space as sacrosanct and incredibly peaceful beyond words. Through the vibrations of certain music, the vibroacoustical sound healing table, the drum and the tuning forks, "her guides" would call out the frequencies to use for healing. Each person was different and yet the same as every human cell in every human body, responds to the frequency of sound. It was just a matter of the right combination to heal the memory of those cells and what had happened to them.

Each person who came for sound healing was like a beautiful instrument ready be tuned and healed. Colleen will tell you that every single human being on this earth plane has their own built in antenna and is "God wired". All you have to do is listen. Surrender your Ego body and ask for the healing Light. It is your divine right and the safest place to be!

Near Death Experience for a Young Pregnant Mother: Mystic Grace Episode #3

Near Death Experience for a Young Pregnant Mother: Mystic Grace Episode #3

September 20, 2017

This Episode is recorded in Lansing, Michigan with 39 year old niece, Stephene. In this episode, she shares her deeply intimate story of birthing her second child, Cooper. But something went wrong, or rather, really right. She had what could be described as a “mini series” of death experiences, one right after the other and was reluctant to share this particular story with the public. It was a great birthday gift to her Aunt Colleen that she agreed to talk about it. It was time to tell her story too. Stephene was brought up in a world full of disappointments and broken promises and yet, she has managed to hold onto her enigmatic personality with great humor. She serves this earth plane with her no-nonsense attitude and willingness to forgive others, but not necessarily, herself. She’s a tough gal, in a tough world; that is how she sees it. Stephene will tell you that she is not afraid to die and she explains why. It was that indescribable peace which she experienced when she stopped breathing; that feeling of infinite joy which has kept her going, knowing that she will return one day to that world of infinite peace and beauty.

The Ego Has a Contract - Part 2

The Ego Has a Contract - Part 2

September 5, 2017

This episode was recorded in Anchorage Alaska and begins to reveal the experiences of spiritual healing and psychic phenomenon which is shared by Mike Ford whose heart is bursting with a new found love and appreciation for all things spiritual. He is a great radio personality “Mike in the morning” for early morning Alaskans and through his generosity of his time and his recording studio space, the first two podcasts are born. He is deeply touched by the subject of the ego, material world and the spiritual one that has shaken him lose as well. Colleen insists that he joins her for the next podcast recording and that he share his own magnificent stories of his personal life. They are both amazed at the sense of peace and the soft blue light that surrounds their microphones while they talk through their hearts about the addictive physical world and the struggle to be free of that. Mike talks about the group of family spirits that surround his bed one night. In particular, a couple of uncles that he recognized as “hell raisers” on this side of the veil and ones that he believed had gone straight to “hell.” Apparently not! After 10 months of sobriety, Mike’s beautiful heart and intentions will help raise the bar on how a struggling human being finds their way to a more peaceful existence and that there is no such thing as “hell.”

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