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PODCAST #24 Hopi Grandmother Pershlie Ami

November 5, 2021
Hopi Grandmother Pershlie Ami
I am Dawa Mana, born to the earth through my mother - Sand Clan. Protected by the sun, my father - Sun Forehead Clan, Nourished and guided by Corn and Water clan with my husband.
I am a Hopi-Tewa woman who possesses power of peace and balance. My creators the Sand, Sun, Water and Corn have given me the mission to bring happiness to the universe.  
I pray for the opportunity to guide, I pray for the opportunity to be of service, I pray for the opportunity to heal. I am constantly grateful for my life and my family, I am grateful for my challenges that give me strength.  

My mind and heart are open to receive new ideas and new ways to bring peace to the universe.  

I am grateful to be Hopi, People of Peace. 
Eskwali, Perci. 
Hopi Prophecy “When the Grandmothers speak, the world will begin to heal.”  
With the touch of their ageless hands, Grandmother says “everything will be okay.” Grandfather heartily agrees. Grandmother Perci is a wisdom gatherer/sharer and protector of ancient wisdom. She is also the grandmother who is dedicated to healing hearts, minds and spirits of those who are experiencing pain. 
Grandmother tells us that our younger generation think about  ending their lives and the older generation wish to continue theirs. 

Her passion is to get them together. She talks about how the kids today have limited knowledge whereas the elders have learned how to pray, to connect to Creator and to access the seeds of hope within their hearts. 

These seeds of Life have been nurtured and prayed over throughout all the lifetimes of all the Grandmothers and Grandfathers. 

And they want more than anything to honor their grandchildren. 

Praying together, teaching them how to pray and reassuring them, “I do care about you - I will listen to you!”  

This is Love and Truth in one village, listening to one another with open hearts and minds, trusting the ancient messages of corn, of water, of sacred ceremony and prayers to Creator.  

This was also the spiritual calling that Grandmother Perci knew at the age of twelve.  

She wanted to become a grandmother and share the Legacy of Truth and Love with every village, every tribe, every human being. 

Educating those who are eager to learn, guiding those who have taken the wrong road and reminding those who forgot the message, Grandmother shares her incredible life, her stories and her prayers for Hopi Mother Earth. 

Grandmother Perci has one last prayer to share with us “As long as you do good, our children and elders will stop hurting, the whole world will stop hurting.” 
Let us protect our home, our earth, our true nature of our divine human seed. Let us plant our peace, grow together and harvest our love for all humanity. 
Thank you to Creator and thank you for Grandmother Perci! 
With Grace, Colleen 
Grandmother wrote this following prayer for the conference at the virtual Parliament of World Religions - Oct. 16-18th, 2021 


“I pray for the day that I won’t let fear be my master. 

When fear whispers in my ear and says - “you’re not strong enough, I will shout back, You just watch me!” 

When fear tells me they won’t listen to you or accept your words, I will quietly say, “I will continue to teach, share and listen.” 

When fear says you will experience great pain and grief and you will hurt, I will stand and say, “I will trust that Creator has a plan. I will let pain and grief - guide me.” 

I know that you’re around “fear” but you’re not my master.  

My master is Faith and Love. 

With Faith and Love, I will stand in my power and purpose. 

When fear says they will make fun of you, they will find fault in you, they will disagree with you, I will stay silent and listen. I will know I have nothing to prove. 
I know what is in my heart and I know that I must continue to practice love, compassion and joy. 

I pray that I will always walk with truth and integrity.”  

Grandmother’s e-mail -  
Touch the Water  - a film by Travis Holt Hamilton 
Corn Dance Music 2018 at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. 

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