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The Gathering of the Eagles, A Conversation with Menno Pauls: Mystic Grace Episode #9

July 27, 2018

Hello from British Columbia, Canada and Happy Birthday to my lovely tall niece Megan who is 17.

What a beautiful country, Canada, and especially the province of British Columbia. Here we enter the land and spirit of THE GATHERING OF THE EAGLES. The time of this convocation has finally arrived through great joy, desire and perseverance to meet the “chief eagle” Menno Pauls.

We fly! Mid July, my friend Judy and I, from Anchorage Alaska to B.C. to meet Menno Pauls and his wife, Sharon. We spend glorious time together listening and sharing and exploring the surrounding nature of Salmon Arm. Both Judy and I feel like we are somehow “back in time” with the beauty and breath of the lakes and mountains. We open our hearts and windows of love and retake the memories for the reason that we have come.

Menno’s own story begins with his job as a humble window washer in Vancouver, when one ordinary workday, Menno climbs down from his ladder and hastily fishes out of his pocket, bits of paper and a pen. The poem that he writes is so profound that he knows that his life will never be the same again. That was in 1974. Along with this extraordinary poem/ message, he begins to have profound experiences and dreams. Six years later in July of 1981, his story, The Gathering of the Eagles is born.

This podcast, 44 years later, is a tape recording of a conversation between Menno and myself on a hot summer Sunday, July 22nd. He begins with that prophetic poem called, “A Prince of Hope” and reads the first part.

As I prepare to leave this enclave of beauty with a pocketful of dreams and hope, I fly back to another perch, another branch of God’s Golden Tree. It is one that I am very familiar with and need to be ever so grateful for, my own life’s journey and purpose.

Judy left a few days ago. So awful to try and say good-bye especially after a trip like this.

When I told Menno that Judy was missing us all, he replied with a knowing smile and a twinkle in his eye, “Tell her, that I have stamped both your passports.”

The Gathering of the Eagles Manuscript by Menno Pauls
Transcription, Ray Hudson

The Prince of Hope

The Gathering of the Eagles - Part One

The Gathering of the Eagles - Part Two

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