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Jimmy’s Spiritual Tool Box & The Healing Flashlight: Mystic Grace Episode #16

November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving, November, 2019
Ashland Oregon

This podcast was composed in Ashland Oregon after my brother called me to ask for some “spiritual tools.”

I had been on a six week journey to several cities and when I arrived in Ashland, I got off the road and stayed for a month.

I loved every minute of it. What a gift!

I was thrilled of course when my brother called to talk with me about the power of the mind to heal the body.

He believed absolutely that we human-beings can heal ourselves and he wanted me to join forces with him to be part of his healing program.

My thoughts were swirling around like falling leaves. I began to think about his life as an electrician, his generous personality and recently, his diagnosis of prostate cancer. I wondered how I would condense everything that I had learned into a short healing composition for him.

What kind of spiritual toolbox or psychological key? How many tools? How many keys?

Knowing that my brother like most Americans today are stressed to the max, I wondered how he was taking the time now to rest and recharge his batteries.

Every day, as I walked through town, into the magnificent autumn beauty of Lithia Park, I prayed for an answer.

Just like I did in 1987 for our Mother who had been diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgekins lymphoma. She was 57.

Upon hearing that unearthly shout - “You humans can heal yourselves with color, sound and vibration,” I took it very much to heart and soul.

It would take many years for me to act upon that command but I did build a healing center and my brother was my electrician.

Now, he is 54 and here we are again, 24 years later with the same forewarning.

We all know someone who is dealing with cancer. Look at all the cancer clinics and hospitals dedicated to this human suffering. They are still researching for cures.

As we continue to wrestle with all of the implications and misadventures of our humanity, including life and death, we are listening to and reading about incredible healing stories from people everywhere who are overcoming their disease and emotional pain.

How are they doing it? What has given them such knowledge, peace and love that leads them directly back to the truth of their own divine healing?

Let me share with you my thoughts and prayers in this 13 minute healing directive, along with quotes from Dr. Joseph P. Murphy and the incredible healing power of Michael Stillwater’s music.

Ashland, Oregon! What a magical little town. Decorated with fall foliage, it set the backdrop for their seasons’ end of all the Shakespearean plays and shows.

My timing was perfect to be there mid October and find Shrew’s Cottage B&B and Bruce Hall, owner, extraordinaire.

Everyday that I spent there, something wonderful happened. I felt like I was in a leading role, playing myself in this lovely little pocket of America, full of fellow thespians, artisans, writers and flower makers.

Protected by the Siskiyou Mountains and Oregon Cascades, there existed an atmosphere of high creativity and sincere community.

Everyone that I met had a great story of how they came to be there and how they too, felt like they belonged.

It reminded me of my own childhood, fifty years ago in America, unpretentious and unafraid.

Along with farm to table fresh food and numerous wineries, there were plenty of cannabis and CBD products wrapped anyway that you wanted.

The smell of hemp harvesting farms was a unique experience for me as well as some interaction with the unperturbed homeless.

All I had to do was walk out the front door of my lovely little Baroque Room and I found myself in the next lines of the play.

Built into my story line, of course, was the continuum of Mystic Grace in its spiritual and material pursuits; the understanding of our humanity and our divinity.

I could not have found myself in a better place to retreat, enjoy the electric atmosphere of Ashland and create the shortest podcast I have ever done.

I did find one key which fits the toolbox, LOVE.

And I will make a thousand duplicates, as many as you and I need.

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