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Crop Circles & Consciousness: Mystic Grace Episode #10

August 28, 2018

Transmitting from the Eastern Seaboard of Mystic Connecticut to New York City with a stop in Guilford, CT at Swallowtail Farm. I am so excited to share an afternoon with these remarkable friends, Colin Andrews and his wife Dr. Synthia Andrews. Along with Drs. JJ and Desiree Hurtak, we find ourselves embraced by a warm New England day with the sounds of sheep baaing nearby and Synthia’s own horses tucked in the barn.

As we sit outside enjoying this special time with one another in the “garden of life” as Dr. JJ Hurtak puts it, we might as well be in England’s countryside which is where Colin Andrews is from and where he saw his first crop circle in 1983.

One year later, Colin would coin the term, “crop circles” which would forever bind Colin’s heart to these mystifying messages. After all, they were already in his own backyard and as a practical electrical engineer and government official, he would investigate!

As we move indoors for tea and dessert, everyone graciously agrees to tape some of the conversation for my next podcast.


Our time is precious and we are very aware of that. We have gathered together at this time to renew and support one another’s life work and share information. Colin invites us all on a field trip as he shares with us, his very first experience with a crop circle.

Drs. Synthia, JJ, and Desiree join in and explore in conversation what they think the crop circles mean and how they relate to human consciousness.

Although many of the crop circles remain a mystery, declares Colin, one thing is known for sure. These elaborate geometric patterns are messages to us, giving us clues to our past history, to our presence, and most definitely to our future. Even those humans who wanted to prove them as hoaxes by making some themselves, felt guided to do so by a higher consciousness.

How interesting.

Dr. Synthia says that every crop circle is a real crop circle whether there was human involvement in it or not because of the mystical triad. She explains that the three elements joining together the spiritual inspiration itself, interacting with earth energy, interacting with human energy, is truly the path of what our human divine consciousness is all about.

So how do we feel when we look at a crop circle or even walk into one?

Drs. JJ and Desiree remember experiencing their first crop circle in Hungary in 1992. A member of the Hungarian Opera family had joined them and while they were intoning sounds, they saw and felt unusual

JJ feels that these geometries, or crop circles that they have seen in their work throughout the world, represent the sacred geometries of the human body in motion and that “we are being taught a new language in artistic form and vibration form as well as in cosmic language. We are to understand that our school house mother earth is being prepared for

In the 2011 special edition of the Andrews Catalog, Colin writes that the authentic crop formations are an attempt to communicate. He calls it a “new, symbolic, terra-linguistic geography that is intended to arouse emotion. They have been deliberately placed in fields of cereal crops, life-giving vegetation that has been planted by man and because of their placement, they were guaranteed to be seen.”

Desiree agrees and adds that “These crop circles are important to us in that they give us vital clues and information to wake us up.”

She goes on to explain that according to THE BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE: THE KEYS OF ENOCH, written by Dr JJ Hurtak over forty years ago, that information whether it be genetics, astrobiological, historical, or
archeologically discovered, is coming forth now to help prepare the species for our next quantum leap. Maybe even moving into contact with extra terrestrial realities in a more normal sense than we have today. It is time for us to learn how to help ourselves and this planet.

How many messages do we need to see, to hear, to be given, in order for us to understand that we must take our place in the food bank of cosmic love? To honor those crop circles that wish to reach out to us, teach us and remind us that we must raise our vibratory field and consciousness so that we can see and understand who we are and where we belong.

Psalm 121:1 I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? From singing crop circles to underground temples and portals, to the vibratory field of our emotional consciousness and our relationship to it all, we begin to finally realize that we truly are not alone and never have been.

For me, when I have seen crop circles in photographs or films, I feel so uplifted and hopeful that our home on earth has always been a part of a greater consciousness which we will regain when we choose our own higher intelligence of peace and unity and stop playing war games.

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