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Calling Upon The Higher Corona - The Crown Of Healing Light: Mystic Grace Episode #17

March 31, 2020

A flowering house plant, called Crown of Thorns Corona De Cristo, native to Madagascar, that thrives on neglect and yet, blooms throughout the year, indoors or out. An evergreen succulent named Crown of Thorns due a legend that the thorny crown of Jesus was made from this plant’s stems. 

At the headquarters of the Academy For Future Science in Sedona, Arizona, we gather together with Drs. JJ & Desiree Hurtak for prayer, meditation and discussion in the midst of the worldwide pandemic, the coronavirus. 

Feeling the protection of the Crown of Light as we walk through the shadow of fear, we are capable of drawing in the Light of above, the Light of our Crown, our eternal connection with God. 

Drs. Hurtaks believe that it is through the invocation of sacred music and sound, sacred language and the sacred names of God which can protect and heal mankind’s suffering, especially at this crucial time. 

To better understand the sound of our own divine mind and vibratory nature, we petition and visualize the Gematria Gia, the sacred geometry of God’s Light which surrounds ourselves and that of our beloved Mother Earth. 

Intoning the ancient, sacred name of Mik-ky-ilu, Dr. JJ Hurtak calls upon the protection of Michael the Archangel in the glory of The Limitless Light, the Ain Soph. 

Dr. Desiree offers us Archangel Raphael, also known as the Medicine of God, for healing and protection. She believes that we can literally transform and restore every cell of our bodies by calling in higher help, such as Raphael’s divine presence. 

In every culture and faith, there exists a higher mind, a higher faith and Love for God. It is up to each one of us to reconnect to that power of God’s Light, to recharge our electrical batteries, our cellular, soulful memories. 

This is why Dr. Desiree feels that it is more about not getting the virus in the first place as she calls us to “Prayer, not panic, Faith not fear, Calm, not chaos.” 

Nearing half a century, The Academy’s global outreach has continued their teachings based on “The Book of Knowledge, The Keys of Enoch, copyright 1973. 

Dr. JJ Hurtak explains: “Our work is based upon The keys of Enoch, which is based upon a blueprint that our body is a vibratory vehicle. We are a bio-transducer capable of drawing in Light from above, from a higher dimension of reality. We are also capable of creating a higher consciousness to overcome the restrictions of conventional science and conventional medicine. 

Bottom line is that we are a Family of Light, and Wisdom and Higher Science. If we lose the Higher Faith, we cease to be a family. This is the time for, shall we say, a coming together on a very high level of recognizing that we can either go ahead with a culture of fear and violence, a culture of death, or we can choose to go with a culture of Light, Insights, and Higher Faith.” 

Just recently, my sister Clare gave me a great gift. It was the top front piece of my Mother’s old piano that she had secretly kept and commissioned an artist to paint. 

Along the winding river road, a scene, a memory of eight children, cygnets, floating along with their parents near the little cottage where they grew up. 

And in graceful, golden lettering, the words to a song that I had played on that piano a thousand times. 

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” from the musical, Carousel. 

Singing and harmonizing with Clare, along with other family members, it always gave me the hope and courage that I needed. It had become my lifeline to the truth of my connection to God. 

For our precious Mother Earth, especially at this time, who needs our Love and Prayers, we sing and open our corona, our crown chakras and let our hearts walk through this terrible storm, together. For We Never Walk Alone. 

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