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Soul Graduation, University Without Walls Mystic Grace episode #18

June 17, 2020

Hello! From Sedona, Arizona and the headquarters of the Academy For Future Science. We are together once again this time to reach out to all those young graduates and future graduates of “Spaceship Earth.”

Thank you to my beautiful nieces Megan and Abby who helped to shape the topic of conversation with Drs. JJ & Desiree Hurtak with their thoughtful questions. Abby is graduating high school and going on to a New England College and Megan has completed one year of college, also near her home in Connecticut.

I could not imagine graduating in a car with my cap and gown and having to cope with all the restrictions. How does one not touch or give their classmates a hug? I can’t help thinking of how unnatural and unfamiliar it must feel to them.

And yet, you have come to live on the new frontier of hope and change! To be the new star seeds of the future. Dr. JJ explains that life is about connecting the dots with myriads of opportunities. “We are a unique cosmology and we are all together here on this small planet.”

Dr. Desiree tells us to “Keep the faith in the planet’s future, YOUR future. Find your role in life and focus on it. Don’t give up! Work cooperatively with others. You are going to be finding people that you will be working with, so instead of marrying your high school or college sweetheart, plan your future and work towards that goal.”

“You are the architects of a new dawn, Dr. JJ tells us. Evolution does not stop. You are here to help keep the harmonic balance and to help with the graduation of human kind to space kind.”

“Energy forces want you to succeed, Dr. Desiree adds. Insights are not just coming from yourself but higher thought forms. Look for them, be open to them. There is a whole vast reality that you are a part of.”

I believe that we need to be very careful, very vigilant now. We need to resist being “spoon-fed” with the absurdity of things going on in our world right now.

We need to take our place in that university without walls, join together with our Light Family, our cosmic brothers and sisters and bend those spoons with our divine mind, our divine heart.

Congratulations on your graduation as we prepare for the next chapter in our human history.

I am with you. We all are. See you in the University of Love and Light, the University without walls.

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