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Orgone and Michelle Hood’s Crystal Pyramids: Mystic Grace Episode #14

March 20, 2019

Hello from Henderson, Nevada and welcome to Michelle Hood’s passion for pyramids. She has hand crafted thousands of them. Each one is crystalized, symbolized and super charged with orgone energy. Infused with her own divine signature along with the universal motto above the Hard Rock Cafes, “Love All, Serve All, For the Good of All,” Michelle continues to deepen her spiritual knowledge around what she is creating.

In 2011/12 while researching magnetic fields, frequencies and “stop the sonar” cause, (whales beaching themselves), she heard where someone had thrown orgonite material into the water and the dolphins came.

Fascinated, she dug into Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s experiments beginning in the 1930’s. Coined “orgone” by Reich’s own original intentions, this invisible, biophysical energy was named after the sexual orgasm. Blockage of the flow of this energy, he believed, caused physical and emotional illnesses.

Orgone has also been described as the universal life force, the basic building block of all organic and inorganic matter. It is also known as Chi, Prana, or simply, “the force.”

Reich experimented with harnessing this energy by layering organic and inorganic material together. Further study reveals much information on this man now both positive and negative.

Michelle’s intentions, however, are pure positive. She emphasizes that one has to be clear and in a good space to create the beauty, harmony and higher frequency which is infused into her beautiful pyramids and all of her orgone artwork.

Michelle refers to her pyramids as Orgone Energy devices.

“When I think of Orgone, Michelle explains, which is really the correct word, not orgonite, to my visual mind, orgone energy represents the yin/yang symbol, opposite energies spinning together creating a torsion field.” I layer crystals and metals together, that’s the organic and inorganic material and then when you put them in resin, as the resin hardens, it squeezes the crystal in an amplified state. It’s a higher octave of expression; it locks it in. While the metal is filtering the lower frequencies, the crystal is expressing higher frequencies so it becomes its own generating high frequency/low frequency neutralizing device.”

Michelle goes on to say that a higher frequency, when it comes into contact with a lower frequency, automatically lifts up the lower frequency without losing its high place. “Everything is elevated. That’s what these pyramids do. Every orgone pyramid must have a quartz crystal for it to have its piezo effect and that’s the amplified effect.”

Orgone is becoming extremely popular as a known energy effect in helping to block harmful EMF’S. It converts the negative energy supply of radiation emitted from electrical wiring, home electronic devices, high-frequency radiation of cellular antennas, wireless routers, cell phones, and the dreaded 5G.

Michelle’s pyramids, or “light boxes” as she calls them are created lovingly and purposely for divine human energy to anchor the “Light” of Love and higher vibration on this planet and to deflect some of the truly harmful ones. She considers what she does sacred work, realizing that these pyramids will leave a positive signature upon this earth plane well after she is gone.

Thank you, Michelle!

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