Mystic Grace Podcast

The Ego Has a Contract - Part 2

September 5, 2017

This episode was recorded in Anchorage Alaska and begins to reveal the experiences of spiritual healing and psychic phenomenon which is shared by Mike Ford whose heart is bursting with a new found love and appreciation for all things spiritual. He is a great radio personality “Mike in the morning” for early morning Alaskans and through his generosity of his time and his recording studio space, the first two podcasts are born. He is deeply touched by the subject of the ego, material world and the spiritual one that has shaken him lose as well. Colleen insists that he joins her for the next podcast recording and that he share his own magnificent stories of his personal life. They are both amazed at the sense of peace and the soft blue light that surrounds their microphones while they talk through their hearts about the addictive physical world and the struggle to be free of that. Mike talks about the group of family spirits that surround his bed one night. In particular, a couple of uncles that he recognized as “hell raisers” on this side of the veil and ones that he believed had gone straight to “hell.” Apparently not! After 10 months of sobriety, Mike’s beautiful heart and intentions will help raise the bar on how a struggling human being finds their way to a more peaceful existence and that there is no such thing as “hell.”

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