Mystic Grace Podcast

The Ego Has a Contract - Part 1

September 5, 2017

Recorded in Anchorage Alaska, this 33 minute broadcast introduces Colleen Grace Clabby’s background; the reason for telling her story at this time and why she believes that the ego (easing God out) has a contract out on all of us. She describes her relationship with an older well known gambler, living in Las Vegas and that glamour, superficial money world that became impossible to escape from. Knowing the difference of how she grew up in a more sincere environment and the one she became trapped in, it takes 20 years of her life to get free of it and him. With the help of another great seeker/adventurer, Judy Blake, and her relationship to the gambler’s son, their story is one of a thirty year friendship. From the powerful ego world of money and all of the physical addictions attached to it, Colleen receives a great unearthly shout from the “other side” when her mother is diagnosed with stage four non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer. Colleen knows without a doubt that if she doesn’t let go of that so called “secure world of money” she will also get cancer. She finally cuts the ties to that empty, soulless world and returns to her hometown of Mystic Ct. to build her visionary dream of a healing center.

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