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Time is an Illusion, The Crossword Puzzle Number 26: Mystic Grace Episode #8

June 7, 2018

from Washington, D.C.

Happy Father’s Day!

When my father Jack finally lets go of his house and his life, the most magnificent thing happens. He sends a profound message through a crossword puzzle before his time of death here.

Is time simply an illusion then?

This podcast is a story that I wrote in 2014 about my father passing from this dimensional field into the next. Jack does not want to go however, because he trusts only what he can see in front of him. He is constantly glancing at his watch to remind him that he is still living and breathing on this earth plane and as long as he can still see that watch, he is still alive and not in hell or anywhere else!

Spacetime, as it is called is the theory that we exist in parallel universes where space and time are connected proving that the concept of time is simply an illusion. Everything that has ever been or ever will be is happening right now. The concept of time is simply an illusion made up of human memories, writes Leigh Brasington. Time is an illusion we created to try and measure the rate of change
of the present. It's always now. But it's an ever changing now. We usually think of time as having three parts - Past, Present, Future. But what is the Past - only a collection of memories. We can't experience the Past, we can only remember it. And we can only remember it in the Present (furthermore, our memories are noticeably unreliable). There is no objective thing that we call the Past; it can't be measured in any way; our only contact with it is in the Present.

And what is the Future - only a mental construct in the Present. We can't experience the Future until it "becomes" the Present. Until then it is only a hope and dream. We can project what the Future may be like, but we are considerably less accurate than when we remember the Past. There is no objective thing that we call the Future; it can't be measured in any way; our only contact with it is in the Present.

That leaves us with only the Present - the ever changing Present. This change that we experience in the ever present Present does have a "direction." Things change in the general direction of having greater entropy. Entropy is a measure of the amount of disorder in a system. That's why when we measure time we find it restricted to one direction (unlike when we measure distance) - things are changing such that the overall system has more and more entropy.

Although the illusionary nature of time is the deep truth in this matter, it's not particularly practical. To be totally in harmony with this truth, you'd need to wear a watch that always said "now". But you'd be late for a lot of meetings ....

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