Mystic Grace Podcast

Healing the Fear of Illness and Death, Windfall of Light Healing Meditation: Mystic Grace Episode #7

May 28, 2018

May 7th, 2018 - From the land of "lucky sevens" in Las Vegas, Nevada, Podcast 7 is dedicated to friends and family and all human beings who are struggling on this earth plane.

Guided by this 20 minute healing meditation, we take our chances aboard the mystic dreamship and head out to sea. We heed the call, not of the slot machines, but of the ancient sound of the mystic whale calling us into the magnetic field of the merkabah healing light. The word mer-ka-ba comes from an Egyptian translation meaning "light, spirit, body". It is also known as the chariot of the soul.

As we surround our earthly physical bodies with this healing light, we are reminded that we really are liquid beings made up of mostly water! As we begin to finally remember the power of our own magnetic field, we outsource our thoughts and plug in to our own electric company. Energizing and healing ourselves, we follow the seven virtues instead of the seven deadly sins as we navigate through chartered waters with our own celestial instruments, ourselves. Good luck!

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