Mystic Grace Podcast

Who am I? A Divine HUE (color) man, Healing With Colors: Mystic Grace Episode #6

April 6, 2018

Broadcasting from Cornville, Arizona near Sedona, Claudia Granger and Colleen continue their conversation with thoughts of survival and with techniques that we can use right now to clear out negative beliefs and apathetic influences that keep us in our suffering situations. Colleen believes that we are already biologically encoded with survival skills and that by changing our vibratory field, we can expand that Loving Light that surrounds us, inside and out.

One of the greatest natural tools that we Hue-mans can think about and use is the healing therapy of color. Claudia believes that the color of Gold is the frequency of the soul and shares with us her “Golden Meditation” to do as a practical exercise. She describes how quickly negative and fearful thoughts dissipate when that golden connection to the divine Light is recaptured. Claudia also explains how the color silver is used as a superb detoxifier. Another simple and yet extremely effective exercise to do is to visualize yourself as a kind of house where you can imagine yourself in each room or floor or space. In your imagination while “remote viewing” each room or space, you can “see” how cluttered or spacious each room is from cellar to attic. You can give each room a color as well and think about how that feels. Ultimately it is up to each one of us as gatekeepers to our own thoughts to monitor and listen to first, before expressing.

When we remember to be more loving to ourselves, we are effortlessly reconnected to God’s eternal love and forgiveness for us. The remembrance of that feeling is offered with every breath we take, every message that we hear and understand from our higher selves, our true selves. Here is one profound loving thought that I heard during a deep meditation as I was thinking of Jeshua, the messenger. As he called me by name, HE said, “Colleen, if you would only believe that I love you half as much as you love me, then you would love yourself unconditionally.” Shalom, Colleen

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