Mystic Grace Podcast

Survival of the Soul with Claudia Granger: Mystic Grace Episode #5

April 6, 2018

From Sedona Arizona in the land of enchantment, psychic phenomena and superluminal vortexes, Colleen meets Claudia Granger; psychic educator and medium extraordinaire. Colleen herself books a reading with Claudia over the phone and is happy to discover a very talented and experienced way shower. As the spirit guides would have it, Colleen and Claudia finally meet in person to share a glass of wine and drink in the stunning scenery of Sedona.

Their hearts and minds have been synchronized for a lovely new friendship as they discuss what is truly important in their lives now and how they are navigating through these tumultuous times. They agree that they have a lot to share and that they might as well record their conversation in a lovely little town called Cornville, right outside of Sedona.

And what will their first topic of discussion be? SURVIVAL! Not “survival of the fittest,” but rather, survival of the soul. Especially now at this time with all of these “shaker upper” experiences as Claudia proclaims in her charming German accent. How do we prepare for survival? What is it that human beings are really afraid of? Claudia believes that it is the fear of pain and suffering. Colleen believes that it is the fear of dying and the ego, easing God out, agrees with both of them.

Join us for podcast #5 as the journey continues through the vortex of healing, through the sacred geometries of the Sedona red rocks and the spectacular beauty of the Southwest.

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