Mystic Grace Podcast

The Etherial Healing Room: Mystic Grace Episode #4

November 8, 2017

Broadcasting from Grand Junction near the majestic canyons and plateaus of the Colorado National Monument, this 40 minute podcast takes you deep inside Colleen's own etherial sanctuary.

She builds a sound healing room with stained glass doors, a vibro-acoustical sound healing table, an alter with over 100 tuning forks and adds to it anything else consecrated and directed to be put inside this "etherial operating room."

Built exclusively to serve as a tunnel of unconditional love, Colleen describes the space as sacrosanct and incredibly peaceful beyond words. Through the vibrations of certain music, the vibroacoustical sound healing table, the drum and the tuning forks, "her guides" would call out the frequencies to use for healing. Each person was different and yet the same as every human cell in every human body, responds to the frequency of sound. It was just a matter of the right combination to heal the memory of those cells and what had happened to them.

Each person who came for sound healing was like a beautiful instrument ready be tuned and healed. Colleen will tell you that every single human being on this earth plane has their own built in antenna and is "God wired". All you have to do is listen. Surrender your Ego body and ask for the healing Light. It is your divine right and the safest place to be!

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