Mystic Grace Podcast

Near Death Experience for a Young Pregnant Mother: Mystic Grace Episode #3

September 20, 2017

This Episode is recorded in Lansing, Michigan with 39 year old niece, Stephene. In this episode, she shares her deeply intimate story of birthing her second child, Cooper. But something went wrong, or rather, really right. She had what could be described as a “mini series” of death experiences, one right after the other and was reluctant to share this particular story with the public. It was a great birthday gift to her Aunt Colleen that she agreed to talk about it. It was time to tell her story too. Stephene was brought up in a world full of disappointments and broken promises and yet, she has managed to hold onto her enigmatic personality with great humor. She serves this earth plane with her no-nonsense attitude and willingness to forgive others, but not necessarily, herself. She’s a tough gal, in a tough world; that is how she sees it. Stephene will tell you that she is not afraid to die and she explains why. It was that indescribable peace which she experienced when she stopped breathing; that feeling of infinite joy which has kept her going, knowing that she will return one day to that world of infinite peace and beauty.

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