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PODCAST #23  “Finding The Missing Peace”

May 17, 2021

PODCAST #23  “Finding The Missing Peace” 
A Healing Journey to Wholeness by Chris-Duffy Wentzel 

A Cherokee morning blessing - “We n’ de ya ho”
“I am of the Great Spirit”
Happy Mother’s Day! 
To our beautiful Mother Earth, guardian and protector of her great spirit for all life, we wish to honor you this day and everyday that we are born here.

For she is our own adopted mother earth who allows us to journey upon, to live and breathe the mystery of her heartbeat and her love.

And this is exactly what Chris Duffy-Wentzel has done with her true story - “Finding the Missing Peace.” 

The love and compassion and respect that you will find here, transcends all religions, cultures and languages. It will invite you to honor your own journey and walk your own unique path.
Beginning with her mystery birth, her adoption and trying to piece together the secrets of her unknown birth family, it will take great courage and acts of faith to move mountains and the adoption agency out of her way, so that she may discover her true identity.

And yet, the secrets remain trapped inside the sealed adoption records. Even with the diagnosis of cancer and in desperate need of her family medical history, the adoption agency is unmoved and unwavering. 

She must find a way to heal this mystery and now the cancer. She will need to know who and where and how she came to be, if she is to survive and thrive and become that love that she knows herself to be.

Chris and her husband Dave journey to India to volunteer for a medical Eye Camp called Netrapakash which means, “Light of the Eye.”

Through that huge loving experience working alongside hundreds of volunteers and doctors from all over the world, Chris begins to see herself with new eyes as thousands of people walk into that camp every day to be treated.
Discovering peace in the center of all that chaos, she learns to give up control and focus on oneness. 

For everyone there, doctor, patient and volunteer, is on a healing journey to “see” both with physical eyes and that of the heart.

As Chris continues to journey inward, practicing inner peace and acceptance, a whole new world opens up. 

Divine Mother starts to whisper other messages of healing through unconventional methods for both the cancer and her adoption puzzle.

Listening to this inner guidance and trusting herself more, Chris gathers all the pieces of her mystery and becomes her own “adoption detective.” 

Thank you Chris for writing this wonderful exciting book and for taking me on one of the best journeys that I’ve been on lately!
It touched my heart and soul and gave me a sense of wonder of what my own life would have been like, not knowing who my birth mother was, or my father.

Your story, your life, your love and your path.

We thank you for it - every breath of it. 
Chris Duffy-Wentzel specializes in creating self-healing wellness journeys. A certified surgery preparation and personal development coach, Chris partners with individuals creating a unique path to wholeness in her private practice and mine-body-spirit retreats in the beautiful Sedona area.

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